Cynical Orange

Cynical Orange
Release: 2002
Status: ON-GOING
Author: Yun, JiUn (Story & Art)
Type: Left(←) to Right(→)
Manga Description

The most beautiful face, the perfect body, and a sincere personality... thats what Hwang Hyemin has. Naturally, she is the center of everyones attention. Every boy in her school loves her, while every girl hates her out of jealousy. Every single day, she has to endure tortures and hardships from the girls. There is nothing more satisfying than getting them back. Well, except for one problem: her secret crush, JongYon. Because of him, she has to hide her cynical and dark side and put an innocent face on daily. For him, she has to endure all the jealousy and suffering. Then one day, she found out that he dislikes her anyway!! WHAT?!? Thats it! No more nice girl! And her first victim of rage is a playboy she just met, MaHa. (Source: ICE Kunion)