Iinchou no Himegoto

The Committee Chairman\'s Secret
Release: 2008
Author: AIKAWA Saki (Story & Art)
Type: Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Ayano, the committee chairman got drunk at a ballgame after party. Next morning, when she came to, she finds herself in Kagura-kun’s bed! Plus she is in her undergarments?! Kagura-kun, who is in the same class as her, is the 10th head of the famous Kagura lineage. Having had one night stand with someone so omnipotent, Ayano can’t help but feel anxious. What should Ayano do?

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 - Volume 1 2010/11/24 Download
Chapter 2 - Volume 2 2010/11/24 Download