Isekaigaeri no Yuusha ga Gendai Saikyou!

Isekai Kaeri no Yuusha ga Gendai Saikyou! Inou Battle-kei, Bishoujo o Bishibashi Choukyou Suru Koto ni!?, The Hero Who Returned Remains the Strongest in the Modern World
Release: 2019
Status: ON-GOING
Author: SHIRAISHI Arata
Artist: SAMEDA Koban
Type: Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

What's more, Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!? Daiki Morishita, an ordinary secondary school kid was moved to a dream domain, where he at last losses the Demon King. Having satisfied his central goal, he gets back, appallingly missing his mom's home prepared suppers. Upon his get back in any case, he finds that he has brought something exceptional back from the dreamland