RaW Hero

In a world where some of humanity possesses special abilities, those who use their powers for truth and justice are called "HEROES", and those who use them for evil "MYSTERIOUS". In the midst of all this, the unemployed youth Chiaki, who is taking care of
Release: 2018
Status: ON-GOING
Author: Hiramoto Akira
Artist: Hiramoto Akira
Type: Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

In this present reality where some of mankind has unique capacities, the individuals who utilize their forces for truth and equity are classified "Saints", and the individuals who use them for malevolence "Secretive". Amidst this, the jobless youth Chiaki, who is dealing with his more youthful kin, is searching for work. At some point, on his way to a prospective employee meet-up, he sees the nearness of a sick person and without reconsidering, bounces in to enable the victim.This to feeling of equity is the thing that drives Chiaki into a fight among great and wickedness, truth and misdirection, and light and murkiness.