Shanhai Kaijinzoku

Los Monstruos de Shang-Hai, Shang Hai Kaijinzoku
Release: 1994
Author: KUSANAGI Takuhito
Artist: KUSANAGI Takuhito
Type: Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Fay Tonpou is a Banbetsu (half-man half-animal) who became a mercenary. He is contacted by a young girl who gives him a very special mission. She is in possession of a yeast that would allow to distill a very special alcohol, the Dream alcohol. Eager to recreate the alcohol that has not been manufactured for decades, she asks him to protect her in order to safeguard the precious yeast that she always keeps it on her...

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Chapter 1 - Volume 1 2011/08/16 Download