Me no Mae no Kami-sama

The God Before Me, 目の前の神様,
Release: 2023
Status: ON-GOING
Author: KUNODA Shou
Artist: KUNODA Shou
Type: Manga
Manga Description

Recently, Odachi has been battling with an absence of trust in his play. Since his introduction match, where he went head to head against the "God" of shogi, something has changed inside him. Will the day come when he can outperform the Lord of his age? a story about a self-described average shogi player, his friends, rivals, and the God who came before him.

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2024/01/07 Download
Chapter 2 2024/01/07 Download
Chapter 3 2024/01/07 Download
Chapter 4 2024/01/14 Download
Chapter 5 2024/01/21 Download
Chapter 6 2024/01/28 Download
Chapter 7 2024/02/11 Download
Chapter 8 2024/02/25 Download